March 14, 2008

Week 13: One Thing Led to Another...

Trust your intuition. But listen also to your counterintuition when it nags. My counterintuitive prospect of the week was this: enhance your job performance by volunteering elsewhere! I responded to an SLA solicitation for librarians to do volunteer data entry on the GoLocal project and, as you may have guessed, one thing led to another and I found myself in the white spaces again, making connections that were just waiting to surface.

GoLocal is a service for finding local resources for health-related issues. I answered the call for volunteers simply to get experience in librarianship outside the workplace, but as it turned out my GoLocal trainer, who had no idea my organization existed (nor I hers) was so interested in what we do here that I introduced her to some people here and everyone started trading contact names and URLs that will advance both our missions.

Spontaneous networking happens. Be open to it.
And smile!

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