April 16, 2010

Why I'm Not Celebrating National Library Week

I have a confession: all these celebrations make me feel guilty. April is national so-many-things month, important things. And this week is National Library Week and today is national i-can't-remember-but-i-think-it-was-a-worthy-cause day. I poured all my energy into promoting Census Day on April 1 and I guess I didn't save any for the rest of the month.

However....this is my first entry in a pretty long time so I guess that means something. I think the best way to celebrate is just to keep doing what we're always doing. And that's what I've been doing:
  • helping my boss collect and curate the *best* resources on Social Media for Public Agencies in preparation for our session on this topic at our annual conference;
  • planning two special topical editions of my monthly newsletter, each accompanied (NEW!) by an audio tour podcast by a staff content expert;
  • reviewing and coding blog entries for our field ambassadors;
  • Tweeting to beat the band so I know what I'm talking about when I advise groups on organizational use of Twitter;
  • enjoying the fact that I secured (through all you great librarian contacts) a conference speaker from the Census Bureau for another session at our annual conference;
  • working with one of our Technical Assistance partners on yet another conference session, which I am chairing, on web content for transit;
  • moving full steam ahead on the annotated timeline/division of labor I created for our team's website re-launch May 1;
  • trying to find a rentable penguin suit in Long Beach-stay tuned!
So, I guess one of the things we can do to celebrate National Library Week is to just keep being good librarians. Let's do it.

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