June 9, 2010

Hello, I am the Embedded Librarian who Used to Blog at this Address

When you forget your blog password, it's been too long.

There is no excuse, but there is a reason, that I do not blog as frequently as I used to. Sometimes it's that I don't think I like the job enough to blog about it without negativity. Sometimes it's that I love it so much I don't want to stop to share it, but here goes...

(Any place is a good place to start, right?) I ran two professional Twitter feeds (see Thing 1 and Thing 2), and managed to pop in via my personal account occasionally, during our annual conference. It was a great experience and I am convinced that the librarian is the best person to have this job during a week-long conference. I plan to write this up for...for something, so I can share it with other solos. Next week I will give a presentation to one of the teams to explain what all I did and why I think it was effective.

I also got to dress up as a giant penguin to help launch a website that I work on, and to promote my monthly newsletter, whose mascot is Tappy the Penguin. If that's not working in the white spaces, I don't know what is.

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