June 16, 2010

Is it possible that I've never done a "Day in the Life" post??

Well, then, it's high time that I start. After all, if this blog is of use to anyone besides me it's probably new solo librarians. So, I was out of the office for a few days and then came back...what did I do today?
  • Read a great article about "Reader's Despair Syndrome," sent it to at least five people and posted in it my Gmail status bar before I was finished;
  • Checked my Google Alerts for mentions of our Association, national programs, publications, and staff members;
  • Monitored my Twitter feed for transit and other news of import;
  • Updated various pages of a website I manage to reflect new reports and events that I found in Google Alerts or on Twitter;
  • Created a shipment for an upcoming event where one of our field staff will present--yes, I have to select, pack, weigh, ship and track materials that go all around the country (and to Puerto Rico sometimes!);
  • Discussed (with web manager) strategies for unifying and displaying all our staff blogs;
  • Led a tutorial on Google Reader, Google Alerts, and Twitter.

The last part was my favorite. I love teaching, especially one-on-one, and I love helping people manage their information flow. When I was doing the tutorial I thought of a few more articles to send to my colleague. Here are the links shown in the image above if you haven't gotten enough!

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